Over Watch, Praise

“Matthew Betley has proven he’s an accomplished writer. Overwatch is a brilliantly conceived thriller that surges from the first chapter through mounting deception to a powerful conclusion.”
—Clive Cussler

“A gripping, fast-paced, and frighteningly real tale told with bravado and expertise by someone who was there! Wall to wall action from start to finish. You will not put this book down!”
—Christopher Reich

“Matthew Betley’s Overwatch crackles with authenticity. You wonder how much of it is true.”
Matthew Reilly

“Logan West, like the author Matthew Betley, will rapidly become a household name. Overwatch is an incredible ride of action, passion, friendship, courage and reality. In this era where terrorism seems part of everyday life, Betley reminds us that we still have heroes fighting for freedom.”
—Lieutenant General (Retired) Mike Flynn

“Bridging the gap between first-hand military experience and thrilling fictional adventure story, Overwatch is a great read for veterans and non-veterans alike.”
—General (Retired) Stan McChrystal

“As a former Marine, Betley really knows his stuff. Fans of nonstop, nail-biting action will love this one!”
—Kyle Mills

“Overwatch is an exceptional read – a thoroughly engrossing thriller that reminds us of battles fought and threats we still face.  We might have expected from Matthew Betley the gripping battlefield accounts that could only come from a seasoned warrior, but the humanity of its characters and the relentless drive of its narrative will make readers impatient for Betley’s next book.”
Stephen Hayes

“Matthew Betley bursts onto the stage with a thriller that dares you to put it down. It is rare to find a debut novel that keeps you up all night, furiously flipping pages, but Overwatch does that- and more.”
—Joshua Hood   

“Betley has made Logan someone readers can relate to and feel for. He’s human, like the rest of us. In a genre where most protagonists are a pair of tights and a cape away from being Superman, this is a welcomed and refreshing change of pace….Overwatch is my early pick for the best debut novel of 2016!”                               The Real Book Spy