Music Makes The Man…And The Books

I’m often asked by fans what music I listen to while writing, and my answer has always been the same – movie musical scores composed by Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky (a former intern and assistant to HZ), and Brian Tyler, to name my top three.  On Friday night, I had the distinct pleasure of attending Hans Zimmer Live in Concert.  It was intense, emotional, amazing, bombastic, and LOUD.  For me, it solidified HZ as one of the greatest movie composers of our time.  Period.  He came across as sincere, empathetic, emotional, and passionate.  It reinforced what I already knew – that his music, regardless of the movie, is representative of who he is as a man, musician, and human being.  It’s why when I write, I try to infuse my stories – big, sweeping, intense, action-packed rollercoasters that they are – with the same emotion and humanity.  It’s why what I choose to listen to is so critical – because it always sets the tone and adds a dimension that heightens the intensity of the story.

I know other authors – Boyd Morrison, in particular – can relate to what I’m saying.  I’m fairly certain that Fox News’ Kevin McCarthy of (whom I’m fairly certain now thinks I’m stalking him, as he was at the concert, and I was yelling at him to get his attention from thirty feet away; my wife found it amusing) also gets it, considering his life is dedicated to the movies.  And it’s why I recommend that if you read my books, throw in the soundtrack to any Christopher Nolan Batman movie, any Pirates Of The Caribbean movie, The Rock, Crimson Tide, etc., and be prepared to be swept up into the story.

On Friday night, I was nothing more than a fan, and I was thrilled and moved by the Hans Zimmer experience.  If we get a movie deal – the process has been in the works, with a major producer and screenwriter already onboard; I’m always asked about it – in the immediate future, I could only be so fortunate to have Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky, or Brian Tyler compose the score.  For an author who understands the importance of music, that would be a dream come true.

So the next time you open a Matthew Betley novel – Field Of Valor, coming Memorial Day 2018, from Simon & Schuster – throw in a little HZ and get lost along the way.  Enough for now – off to go run while I listen to the score to Dunkirk…for real.  🙂


  1. Mark Knuth on March 20, 2018 at 1:52 pm

    I enjoyed reading Oath of Honor. More importantly, I’m happy to read that you are doing so well.

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