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The Beat Of My Own Drum: Why I'm Going Apolitical…For Now

The state of social media currently in this country has become so toxic that it recently forced me to reevaluate my priorities, not because of some sort of political realization or acquiescence of certain opposing views, but rather, due to the soul-sucking effect engaging on a daily basis is starting to have on my life.…

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Music Makes The Man…And The Books

I’m often asked by fans what music I listen to while writing, and my answer has always been the same – movie musical scores composed by Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky (a former intern and assistant to HZ), and Brian Tyler, to name my top three.  On Friday night, I had the distinct pleasure of attending…

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Bouchercon New Orleans 2016 After-Action Report

Friends and Fans, No one wants to read an opus from anyone, but after four days in New Orleans at Bouchercon 2016, the annual mystery and thriller convention for authors, booksellers, and fans, I wanted to provide a glimpse into what it was like.  So here it goes.  It’s not as exciting as one of…

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6 Things You Should Know About Matthew Betley

In the hopes of you getting to know me a little more intimately than my BIO, here are some things you should know about me: I’m a recovering alcoholic.  There’s a reason that Logan West is a relapsing alcoholic.  While I have 7+ years of sobriety and never relapsed – I still take it one…

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